Sunday, March 11, 2012

Born pretty store review **Tons of photo's**

I love born pretty, period. They have some amazing products! Lately I've been doing my hair more oft en, usually I just straighten my hair and have a nice 'natural' ombre look... aka, I'm to cheap and lazy and let my hair grow out hah. It doesn't look bad per say but ...yeah whatever.
Anyways now, onto my review! I bought a bunch of hair accessories from and here they are! I bought all these with my own money, they are all such a reasonable price too!

First we have this beautiful flower clip, you can choose from a few colours, i decided on this blue and green clip and I love it so much! This hair pin is so sparkly, the large green gems are a rich emerald green and the blue stones are an amazing granite. You'd never guess that this was under 6 dollars!

I decided to put a comparison picture of the size of this clip, since it is a bit bigger than I thought originally. This is a full size China Glaze Nail Polish (in re-fresh mint).

Look at the beautiful design on the back! It also has some decorative engraving on the inside of the clip!

The second piece I chose is a pink / purple peacock pin... now I didn't notice this when I was ordering, but I ordered a few peacock hair accessories, you will understand by the end of my review! hah, I have like 6 peacock hair accessories LOL Anyways, same as the flower clip above, this peacock is so sparkly and beautiful!! It doesn't look cheap at all!

Here is another comparison picture, This hair pin is slightly smaller than my palm and is significantly smaller than the flower above.

Please ignore my finger splint - I am hoping to get it off soon =]

This is the third hair clip that I bought, This one is a rainbow, it's smaller than the flower, but bigger than the peacock pin above. I am missing one of the head feathers, and actually didn't notice until now... I might have a nail wheel gem that can go there.. but I'll have to check that out later.. other than that, there isn't any flaws. It's very pretty.

There is a butterfly hair pin, You can't really tell what it is, and it's not as nice as the other pins.. but it is still nice. I think it would be better when it's actually in your hair, but I will let you guys know later.
As you can see, it's quiet longer than the nail polish container... which may be a problem when it's in your hair.. Unless you have black hair it'll probably show.

Now, this clip is probably my favourite - no wait it is! Followed very closely by the blue flower! This one doesn't have any missing gems and has such an amazing sparkle! Like seriously guys - all these are so sparkly!! They seem real! This clip is like a barrette I think - it isn't a snap back per say, but is... does that even make sense?

 Here is a comparison, it's the same size of a china glaze bottle =]

Kay, well here is the photo of the back I'm so prepared =]

 Here is the last hair piece I'm going to show you today. I am sadly not impressed with this bow, it looked so cute on the site, but frankly it's flimsy and you can't really make out what it is. It is also not even... one side is big, the other side is small.. I think this would be cute on, but I haven't tried it yet.

As you can see it's HUGE! Look at the comparison picture.... it's like three times larger than the bottle!

How here is the last item, I'm going to show you today, it's actually a necklace not a hair piece but it's so cute! I couldn't no show you.

Now this necklace doesn't look too big, but it's actually quiet large! Want proof? Well here it is beside a bottle of China Glaze! and it's the same size! It's a really nice bronze colour and isn't that heavy despite it's size. It's a beautiful dangle necklace that I can't wait to wear =]

I hope you guys enjoyed my first review post ever!! I bought a few more items but really, this took me about 4 hours to write on my tablet between taking the photo's and getting them on here... that I'll have to do another post to finish the rest off... I am very happy with my purchases and reccomend others to buy from them too!

It took a lot longer to ship here than it usually does, (2-3 weeks) this time it did take almost 2 months, but it is coming from China.. So it's expected.

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  1. Great post. I've been looking into these things. Great to compare to a polish bottle. And I have the same owl necklace - got it from ebay.