Thursday, March 1, 2012

My ouchie! - Graphic Photo**

Hey guys,
So I was meaning to post my nail foil fail but never got around to it as my other half's family came to visit. When they left - I then decided I would post it next time I got by a computer. Sadly, the most horrific thing ever happened! Okay, maybe not the most horrific...but pretty damn close! At least for me!

On Sunday I was cutting a 1/2 frozen english muffin when I cut myself on my left hand. Now when I say cut myself, I don't mean a little cut, I mean like full blown to the bone - or so I thought..

I went to a Medicenter which was suppose to stitch me up in no time, in and out in an hour or two... but nope.. I waited about 2 hours to have them tell me that I infact did a lot more damage that first thought.. I cut right through my joint capsule - hit part of my tendon and nicked my nerve. FABULOUS!

So then the medicenter had to send me away to the hospital.. =[ and even worse, I had to see a hand surgeon =[ You guys don't know this about me - but i'm terrified of surgery, or being opened up or...blah anything like that!!

I was already panicing, but now... fml.

In the end, this is what I looked like - this picture isn't *so* gorey - so I'll post it =[ I haven't been able to do my nails in almost a week. I am still wearing this nail polish that I did 10 minutes before it happened. (Which is Color Club Take me to your Chateau and Revlon Whimsical)

** warning photo below**

In the end I got 9 stitches, 4 internal, 5 external. When the surgeon left I was told by the assistant nurse that he really should have put more in... uhh, please don't tell me that! LOL

So I am still sometimes bleeding even a week later =[ proof that I needed more than 9 stitches.

Wish me well!! please =]

Here is me making a sadface =[ after 10 hours in ER =[

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  1. Ouchie indeed. I once cut my finger to the bone. But it was closer to the nail. There was no bleeding so all I did was clean it and tape it hard. And all is fine.