Thursday, February 16, 2012

Diagonal French Tips

I love this Mani!! I wore a few days! The top photo I took just to show the holographic goodness! Although it's not really true to colour (Like the image below!)

For this Mani, I used Julep Jamie, which I LOVE the colour, but it was such a pain to apply... The formula was so thick that with one layer (as pictured) it would flood my cuticles, become thick and uneven and also take forever to dry.. that was even with wiping the brush off on the side of the bottle a hundred times, Yikes. Also, I got polish everywhere because of the awkwardly long brush that comes with julep polishes.. =[

(This photo is true to colour)

After waiting about 15 minutes for my top coat to dry, and spritzing some OPI Rapid Dri spray - I did a little bit of tape manicuring and topped the tips off with the beautiful Milani Cyberspace. OMG I LOVE THIS COLOUR! It's beautiful!! I bought this polish about 7 months ago, and haven't used it until now.. and I greatly regret that desicion.

In fact, I loved this mani so much, I did it on my toes too! Only I did it with purple, I used yet another Julep polish (Anne and Hi-Res. I will have to do it on my nails and take a photo. Seriously amazing.

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