Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Black French Tip - Blogger Inspired.

Today I have a really cute manicure that was inspired by Chloe's Nails - Funky French - Look how cute this is! It's way nicer than mine, and I shouldn't even be showing you guys this, seeing as mine looks sort of cruddy beside hers, but alas - you must all check out her blog! (and she's back from a long time away!)

I love this manicure, and no joke - I tried doing this all weekend. I had two polish parties with my girlfriend's and wanted a bit more of a subtle manicure so I used a sheer pink from Revlon.. and I tried so many times (probably about 7 times, about 2-4 layers per time. I could have easily used 1/5 of this polish that I JUST bought!) and the polish wouldn't dry!! Not with Rapid Dri, not with a Fast drying top coat, and not by playing the waiting game.. Each time, I would look down and it was like they magically smudged, nicked, or pushed up.. So finally, after battling this one polish - which I'm going to have to find out the name for you guys, seeing as it was a pain to apply.. I finally decided I hated the polish, and didn't want to do this manicure so I gave up and did a foil manicure - which I will show here tomorrow. It was sort of a fail too, but whatever! Hah, it was my first time. More on that later..

Then last night I decided I wanted to try this manicure again, I wasn't kidding when I said I love it! So Instead of using that stupid polish, I used China Glaze something sweet. and it worked out great! Are you all ready to see my interpretation of this manicure?!?!
I squared my nails off this weekend, and it took some length off. I love thick tips for french manicure, but this kind of made my nails look a little chubby, but it's still cute..
Also I am a little sad, Although it doesn't show up in real life that badly, I didn't clean up this manicure at all, and it really shows in the photo's =[

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