Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Black French Tip - Blogger Inspired.

Today I have a really cute manicure that was inspired by Chloe's Nails - Funky French - Look how cute this is! It's way nicer than mine, and I shouldn't even be showing you guys this, seeing as mine looks sort of cruddy beside hers, but alas - you must all check out her blog! (and she's back from a long time away!)

I love this manicure, and no joke - I tried doing this all weekend. I had two polish parties with my girlfriend's and wanted a bit more of a subtle manicure so I used a sheer pink from Revlon.. and I tried so many times (probably about 7 times, about 2-4 layers per time. I could have easily used 1/5 of this polish that I JUST bought!) and the polish wouldn't dry!! Not with Rapid Dri, not with a Fast drying top coat, and not by playing the waiting game.. Each time, I would look down and it was like they magically smudged, nicked, or pushed up.. So finally, after battling this one polish - which I'm going to have to find out the name for you guys, seeing as it was a pain to apply.. I finally decided I hated the polish, and didn't want to do this manicure so I gave up and did a foil manicure - which I will show here tomorrow. It was sort of a fail too, but whatever! Hah, it was my first time. More on that later..

Then last night I decided I wanted to try this manicure again, I wasn't kidding when I said I love it! So Instead of using that stupid polish, I used China Glaze something sweet. and it worked out great! Are you all ready to see my interpretation of this manicure?!?!
I squared my nails off this weekend, and it took some length off. I love thick tips for french manicure, but this kind of made my nails look a little chubby, but it's still cute..
Also I am a little sad, Although it doesn't show up in real life that badly, I didn't clean up this manicure at all, and it really shows in the photo's =[

Monday, February 20, 2012

Julep Natalie

It seems like I've been wearing a lot of julep polishes lately. Well it's true, even though I'm not a major fan of Julep, and their polish isn't very original, I don't have many polishes like them - so I don't mind their 'lack of creativity' as some blogger would say.

The reason I chose this polish is because I am wearing this really cute sweater (shown left) that I bought from Esprit last week during their closing sale (YAY 70% off!). and was hoping that this was a coral and would match the coral / orange in the sweater - but sadly, it's a bright pink with no orange undertones. No worries though.. it's still cute.

My main polish idea was actually the deep berry pink in the sweater - but I didn't have time to look though all my colours this morning to make a match - so I picked this one and was on my way out the door. I am still taking photo's with my camera - mind you I upgraded my phone so my camera is better but I still don't get many natural light shots like I did today.

Here is the bottle, and bottle colour. I am pretty proud of myself I am getting it pretty colour accurate. The only difference is that my nails are a smidge warmer than the actual colour, which is a bit more neon. The colour is accurate though.. (does that make sense??)
I don't have a top coat or a base coat since I did it quickly on my break =]

Also, please don't mind the blog looking different everyday, I am trying to figure out how I like it so it doesn't look so cruddy. HA HA so please bear with me. Thanks for stopping by <3

Friday, February 17, 2012

My First (3) Deborha Lippmann

OMG!! Look what I got!! I am so excited! I got an amazing deal through www.NailPolishCanada.comI got all three of these amazing polishes for $32.00! That's about 1/2 off the regular price of each polish, making them more affordable!

I can proudly say that I am the owner of Deborha Lippmann Polishes - and more so... Happy Birthday!! WOOT! YAY ME!

Excpect some of these swatches later on!

Have a great long weekend everyone!! <33

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Diagonal French Tips

I love this Mani!! I wore a few days! The top photo I took just to show the holographic goodness! Although it's not really true to colour (Like the image below!)

For this Mani, I used Julep Jamie, which I LOVE the colour, but it was such a pain to apply... The formula was so thick that with one layer (as pictured) it would flood my cuticles, become thick and uneven and also take forever to dry.. that was even with wiping the brush off on the side of the bottle a hundred times, Yikes. Also, I got polish everywhere because of the awkwardly long brush that comes with julep polishes.. =[

(This photo is true to colour)

After waiting about 15 minutes for my top coat to dry, and spritzing some OPI Rapid Dri spray - I did a little bit of tape manicuring and topped the tips off with the beautiful Milani Cyberspace. OMG I LOVE THIS COLOUR! It's beautiful!! I bought this polish about 7 months ago, and haven't used it until now.. and I greatly regret that desicion.

In fact, I loved this mani so much, I did it on my toes too! Only I did it with purple, I used yet another Julep polish (Anne and Hi-Res. I will have to do it on my nails and take a photo. Seriously amazing.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Purple Verticle Striped

This is my most recent Mani, I did three like colours vertically, which elongated my nails =]
For these colours I used a recent Julep polish, which I forget the name of and also two color clubs, Something sweet and also grape pop!

I really love how this turned out, even though you can only really see two colours on the nail.

Please ignore the wear and tear, I wore this mani for three days before I took a picture! Eek, Sorry!