Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 1 - Red Nails!

Today I am starting the 31 day challenge! I'm really excited, but I don't understand some of them, like what in the world is delicate nails? does that mean like delicate looking nails? or is there some nail lingo I don't understand...?

I have good news =] Today I received my kleancolor haul - my large 75 polish haul! (Shipping to Canada isn't worth it if only a few polishes...)

I am so excited to share them all with you.

I used Klean Color 'Red' for today's nails, and omg, I am in love!! Unlike what I read Klean Color doesn't have this strong odor at all, unless all of my polishes are strong so I can't tell the difference..

I'm sort of choked at the fact that my camera doesn't pick of the brilliance of the Holo's but it's there!

Also the formula is amazing!! It goes on beautifully in one coat!! There was no VNL so that was amazing.

I also used Klean Color 'Chunky Holo Scarlet' and 'Chunky Holo Black' for my accent nail.

Both went on fabulously! I am a little sad to see that Chunky holo Scarlet doesn't have a big bang effect like the holo black, but it is still nice =]

All these photo's are under artificial light. I am planning on buying a camera soon too, so let's hope that it's a decent one that will capture these polishes for what they truly look like.

btw, I will be showing a handful and a half (+plus way more) of my Klean Color haul - so if you don't like Klean color.. Sorry =]

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

31 Day Challenge

I was crusing some blogs and came across The Kiwi with the crazy nails blog and saw this challenge.

I think I'm going to attempt it - I don't know if I can do it in 31 days, but i guess that's part of the challenge.

Wish me luck guys!!!

Tomorrow - Red nails =]


  • Reblog this post if you're gonna accept this challenge
  • One post per day
  • If you miss one, pick it up the next day
  • Post a picture of each mani
  • It would be nice if you listed/linked to what polishes you used
  • For the inspiration prompts, SHOW US YOUR INSPIRATION/SHARE LINKS
  • HAVE FUN!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Monday

My package is finally in canada, but not yet in my hands - grr. Tomorrow is the big day, i've been dreaming about this polish for about a month!!

anyways for the nails of the day -
Colour Clubs, 'Oh Naturale'

I really liked this colour, it's more nude than I thought I would be.. I thought it would be peach but it definetly was a little muted. It went on fabulous, and smoothly. I used 2 thickers coats for this polish.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm Back!

Hey Guys,
Sorry I never made a blog sooner, but I got sick the day after I got back and could barely move =[
But alas, I'm here, and I have TWO manicures to show you. Both are for the Colour Club "Chasing away the Blues" contest.

I did two different splatters - One is a real splatter, one is a 'fake one.. I'm not sure what one I should use for the contest, any input would be appreciated!

First one is:

Second one is :

For both of these, I used only Colour club Blues. I used "Wicked Sweet", "Ulterior Motive", "Sheer Disguise", and lastly "Take Me to Your Chateau" (used Oooooo La La for white)

Believe it or not, This is the best I could get it cleaned up... I hate my polish remover, So harsh on ny skin without getting barely anything off...

Anyway, What do you guys prefer? Option one or two? Your opinions are needed =]

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sad Sad news

I was hoping that I would be getting my huge Kleancolor haul yesterday. Sadly - things went down and I probably won't get it for about 2+ weeks =[

Since I am from Canada, Shipping is absurd. So I asked my friend at work who have a place in MT if he could help a sista out. Well apparently has awesome workers, who do their job quickly. I was hoping it would take a few days to put the order together and ship it out. Well - It took about 20 minutes, then they shipped it out. Mind you my friend wasn't going down for about 11 days...

Well the USPS went to his house 2 times, leaving 2 notices. When he went there last weekend, the post office was closed. Then he came back up and we think they did the last notice, before they send it back to Beauty Joint - Joy. We called and he thinks he figured it out (let's hope) but of course we still have to wait for him to go down =[

Anyways, There's my drama of the day.

On a better note, ColorClub is having a contest =] 'Chasing away the summer blues' I am really excited.. Even though I am new to nail art I think I will enter. It would have been great to have my Nail Stripping polish, but I guess I'll have to do without =[

I hope to get my designs up soon =]

I am off camping for the next week almost. I'll be back Monday =] I'll let you guys know how it was, and maybe I'll have my entry by then =]

Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Polish's

Hey guys,
So I did my nails a few times over the weekend, and I didn't find my charger - but I did figure out how to use my phone a wee bit better! What does that mean? My photo's are not as atrocious!

I am still getting though the Wicked Sweet Collection by Color Club and this weekend I did I Always Get My Man-darin - It had such a nice green shimmer in it! Also it smelt like Trix cereal that I used to eat a lot of as a kid. This photo isn't that great - but here it is. I found out I had my brightness maxed.. Pfft.

I also put Wicked Sweet on my niece, I loved the colour, and the smell (I literally walked around with her just so I could smell it!) It was a nice blueberry? smell. and the colour was way nicer than I thought it would be! I don't have a photo because it was my nieces first time with nail polish on, and she got scared and took it off =[

I also put on China Glaze Pool Side Collection Flip Flop Fantasy. I LOVE this colour, I even spiced it up with some glitter (Starry Tempess by ColorClub) I put three layers on to make sure the colour was as true to the bottle as possible. Sadly, I think I made it a tad too thick - as I only wore it for one day and it's already ruined.. Chipped everywhere.

Also again, sorry for the mess - does anyone know where I can find pure actetone? I've been looking everywhere and can't find it. Nail polish alone is so hard to fix nail polish mistakes with. Lately my skin has been so raw from always scrubbing it with polish remover.

Also, I've learned glitter polish - so hard to get off, average take off time for glitters is about 30-40 mins!! (need pure acetone!)

Have a good day guys!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Makeup Day! Happy Friday

No, this doesn't mean I'm blogging about Makeup (sadly) this is my -pleaseforgivemeIdidn'thavetoblogyesterdaysoherearetwopolishes!- post

I decided I am trying to wear the polishes and see how long they last - well at least for a few days..

I've been wearing Color Club Yum Gum from the Wicked Sweet collection for three days now. Before I show a picture - I will describe a bit about this polish and application.

Firstly, I loved the colour of this polish in all the blogs I've seen it featured, it's a bright barbie pink - and the colour makes me look like I have a tan, so I don't really mind that either =] The application wasn't bad, the first coat was streaky, and patchy but seemed like it dried instantly. The second coat I put on a little thicker and It make a nice application - but wouldn't dry. I watched a 2 hour movie and then touched it and it still wasn't fully dried. I actually touched my blanket too my thumb by accident and it made a texture almost a perfect line across my nail - which was sort of cool.

These photo's are taken in artificial light - sorry again, can't find my charger.. I even cleaned the whole house... ugh.

Secondly, I have The Lime Starts Here also from the Wicked Sweet collection. I'm a little sad about this one.. Looking at everyone's blog swatches of this made it look so beautiful and vibrant .. but this is three coats (on my toes.. sorry they aren't beautiful..) and it's still see through and not all that *in your face* that I was hoping for. I think I'm going to try this colour again with a white base coat.. because I think it has a lot of potential.

I also heard this was suppose to smell like lime - but too me it was more of a watermelon. Yes - I smelled my toes.. don't fear though, i did shower and scrub them before hand =]

The smell of these were pretty good, The yum gum was VERY strong, and I almost took it off. Instead though I washed my hands a lot and scrubbed them. I also put two top coats on. The next day the yum gum became a tolerable bubblegum smell that was appealing. I even got half the people to smell my nail (finger not toes) and said it was pleasant.


Well hope you have a great weekend, I will try looking again for the charger but if not, please bear with me with the crappy phone photo's and I hope to soon get real photo's!

I am also going to be away from Wednesday to Sunday (I'm going camping!) so I wont be making blogs those days! See you later!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So today I don't have a swatch for you to see, but wanted to let you all know about how excited I am!

The other day I went onto and saw they are having a sale, where Kleancolor polish is 50% off! instead of $3.50 they are only $1.75! Since I had some cash to spend, I bought *some*.

Well I guess to me *some* is more than others would think.. I got a lot.

I will show you guys my haul when it gets here! But I might have to make it in about 30 posts.. since I'm not kidding, I got a fair amount.

Does anyone know if Kleancolor polishes work well with Konads or Bundle monsters?

I guess I'm about to find out!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Secret Agent Swatch

Today I am swatching Color Clubs' "Secret Agent" from the Alter Ego Collection, These are the 'dark' polishes of this collection. Sorry, I am reviewing these older polishes (that have already been reviewed a thousand times), as I am just starting my collection, and these are the only ones I have right now. I am hoping to get with the times soon! And get more upto date polishes to swatch and review =]

Now, to start - I am actually pleasantly surprised at how nice this polish is. I read some reviews on this on how it can cause bald patches, or it was very streaky although I didn't find either. For me, It was a smooth, buttery application and covered well. I got it pretty opaque in one coat, but did two coats for good measure.

The polish has a nice purple/ blue tone with pink shimmers in it. It had a nice colour even without a top coat, but I added one just to make it really smooth and shiny =]

Once again, I haven't been able to find my charger, so the pictures are from my phone. Please don't mind the mess that I created on the side of my nails, and at the bottom.. I really didn't notice how bad it was until I took these photo's.

Also, maybe it's just because I am taking photo's with my camera under artifical light - but these photo's don't do this polish justice!

This photo is a tad better at showing the 'true' colour of this polish

Until next time - Adios!

Monday, August 8, 2011

First Blog Post EVER

This is my very first blog ever! I'm not quiet sure how I should even talk on here, but I'm going to take this for a test drive.

I recently have become fascinated with blogs, and nails! After looking at a few of the best blogs I could find for a few months, I decided I have time on my hands - I should try this blogging thing out. So here I am.

Please mind my mediocre photo's - as I lost my charger for my Canon xSi camera.. Figures - always losing things! So for now, I am using my camera phone, in artificial light! Hopefully they come out looking decent for you all to see.

I think I will be focusing on swatches of polish, maybe some konad, and faux konad products, and maybe some fun art - but don't count on much of the latter - seeing as I can't draw. hah.

Well, I guess here we go! The launch of my new blog, Appealing Polish! Hope you all enjoy!

Here is my first french manicure ever! I free handed it so it's a little sloppy, please forgive me. I used China Glaze poolside collection. From left to right Kiwi Cool-Ada, Sun Worshiper, Towel Boy Toy, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini and lastly Pool Party.  The applications for these were pretty good for a manicure, I used two coats and I thought that Pool Party, Towel Boy Toy, and Kiwi Cool-Ada went on the best.

Ignore my ugly cuticles and my wrinkly hands, but here is another picture.

Sadly I only have 5 figures so Flip Flop Fantasy was cut, just because I wanted a vibrant hot pink, and not a really a coral colour.. but no fear, I will incorporate Flip Flop Fantasy soon!

Until next time - farewell